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 Our Cheongsam 

長衫旗袍從來也是以细緻的工藝作弘揚 從顔色的配襯至布料的選擇 花奔圖案的擺位至裁剪縫製的手藝也是一絲不苟 尤為講究 便是這些對於細節的執着 有了她流傳下來的理由
The splendor of Cheongsam is accredited to the great emphasis on the details. The exceptional craftsmanship with the exquisite aesthetic taste is the only way to have her significance to be sustainable and influence to be eternal.

在【十壹十三】訂製的毎件長衫旗袍 裁縫曾會先為您量度至少18 至 21 個相關尺吋 還會觀察每人的體形作出適度的修正 每件衣服也是由裁缝曾ㄧ針ㄧ缐親自缝製 並會至少試身兩次 以確保最後收到的是您真正想要的
Each bespoke Cheongsam from TenOne TenThree takes 18 to 21 measurements and handmade by Tailor Tsang himself. Adjustments may need to be made based on further body analysis. Usually both mock up and final fitting are necessary to ensure our customer is certain about what shall be delivered.

而長衫在傳统的缝製過程當中 師傅會施加所謂「熨拔」的工藝 即是以熨斗的熱力和拉拔的力度 去改變原來平面的布料 使之變成立體 從而令穿上後更切合身形的不同弧度 所以ㄧ般不會採用合成有彈牲的布料 而天然物料如真絲纯绵較為適合傳统缝製的工序
The traditional Cheongsam making process requires reshaping the two dimensional fabric into three dimensions by ironing heat on the flat surface while stretching and pulling. This process is called Contour-pressing. That is why they can better fit the different curves of a human body. Natural fabric such as silk or cotton is always a better choice for the traditional craftsmanship.

對於我們來說 量身
製的長衫旗袍和時装並不一樣 我們不會缝製没有真襟的旗袍 亦不會製作没有中缝線的男装長衫 【十壹十三】的訂製在注入嶄新原素之餘也希望繼續保留原有值得保留的工藝和神韻 這樣她才有了繼續流傳下去的理由
Our bespoke Cheongsam is not just fashion. We cannot tailor you a Qipao with a zipper in the back without the front-flap. We also cannot make you a men Cheongsam without seam-line in the center. While infusing the contemporary but classy elements, we prefer to preserve what is the most worthwhile to be preserved, which is the craftsmanship and the spirits, not just the mandarin collar.

若屬於您的 當然只有您才穿得最好看!
Why not indulge yourself with a decent Cheongsam tailoring experience? Why would you settle for less while there are more?

Tailored by Henry Tsang @TenOne TenThree

TenOne TenThree Tailor - Henry Tsang 曾皓詮

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